how man hair works.

what is a man hair product?

Our hair replacement systems of the absolute highest quality within the industry today made with the highest quality real human hair. You will achieve an undetectable hair line with an ultra-realistic look no one will ever know. The system is designed specifically for your head and the look you want. Our units typically last 6 months and have a service to reapply the adhesive every 3 to 4 weeks.

experienced staff

It all starts with a free consultation with one of our hair replacement specialists.

training for you

We will train you on how to take care of your system to save you a lot of money.

Because going bald isn’t a choice but staying bald is when we are here for you.  You made the right choice moving forward with a Man Hair system for the best hair line, ultra-realistic hair system available today.  Get your life back!

The Man Hair system has been completely customized for you and now it’s time to get your head ready for applying the unit.  We will shave the surface of your head and apply the adhesive.  This is a process we will personally walk you through so you can do the maintenance yourself and save a lot of money.

Our systems can be used with glue or tape and we will discuss which may be a better option for you that will depend on the system you choose and your lifestyle.  All of our products are from high end well established manufacturers and certified to be non-toxic and will not have any reactions to your skin.  

mens non surgical hair system jacksonville

We recommend lining the front of the system with your nose and starting the unit at the tip with where your natural hairline would start.  Press down to secure the front of the system then pull the system back in a rolling method while keeping pressure applied to have the unit sit smoothly on all sides of the shaved area.

mens non surgical hair system jacksonville

It is now time for the best part of having your hair back.  You decide what hair style you want to look your absolute best.  We will cut in the unit and style to your liking.  You can choose to use one of our stylists or your own.  Anything is possible!

Welcome to new beginnings with the new and better you with a full head of beautiful, thick, soft, healthy and natural hair.  Enjoy the empowerment you will have to feel powerful, feel sexy, take that promotion or find that significant other the possibilities are now endless.

it is time. get your hair back. get your confidence back.

We come to you in the privacy of your own home. Avoid uncomfortable salons with a pushy salesmen we are here to support you in this journey.