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top causes of hair loss

what are the top causes of hair loss?

By the age of 50, more than half of the men in the world will experience hair loss. It is estimated that about 25% of men experience the symptoms of hair loss before the young age of 21. Hair loss is an extremely common condition that affects millions of men around the globe, so you are not alone! Here, you’ll find the top causes of hair loss, and read till the end to learn how Man Hair can help you!

1. Genetics & Family History

Your genetics and family history have the biggest influence on hair loss. Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) is responsible for more than 95% of all hair loss cases. The signs of MPB include a receding hairline, along with the thinning of the hair around the crown of the head. This condition is also known as Androgenetic Alopecia, which is just a fancy medical phrase for “hair loss”. A surprising statistic, according to The American Hair Loss Association, is that about 25% of men begin to see the signs of hair loss, or actively experience hair loss as young as 21 years old. 

2. Nutrition & Diet

Staying healthy always involves making sure that you’re getting enough vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients. The same goes for hair growth, and if you are lacking these, your hair may be affected. If someone has a poor diet and they are nutrient deficient, they may begin experiencing the early signs of hair loss. These signs include noticeable thinning of the hair, and increased amounts of shedding. Although shedding is a natural and daily occurrence, some may notice more hair shedding than before. The essential contributors to healthy hair and growth are zinc, iron, protein, and Vitamin B. Ensure that you are getting the right vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to prolong the life of your hair.

what are the top causes of hair loss?
what are the top causes of hair loss?

3. Stress

Everyone experiences stress from time to time, but did you know that it can have a major impact on hair loss if not managed properly? Whether the stress is from work, your social life, friends, family, or other stressors in your life, it can cause the early onset of hair loss. Another factor that can increase chances of hair loss is drastic and rapid weight loss. Both emotional, physical, and mental stress can lead to hair loss if your stress is not controlled. The signs of hair loss due to stress are the same as the signs of a poor diet. You may begin noticing excess shedding, and thinning of your hair. When hair loss is caused by stress, it is usually only in extreme cases that hair loss will result, but make sure to take the right steps to manage your stressors to prevent the onset of early hair loss.

4. Underlying Medical Conditions

There are several medical conditions that can influence the onset of hair loss. Hair loss that is caused from an underlying medical condition is not always permanent, but it’s necessary to properly treat any medical condition to prevent permanent hair loss. Alopecia Areata, Lupus, Grave’s Disease, Hasimoto’s Thyroiditis, and others, are frequent conditions that are known to cause hair loss. With all of these conditions, hair loss can continue to become worse if not treated, and may even become permanent. To prevent permanent hair loss resulting from an underlying medical condition, make sure that you are properly treating any medical condition you have.

5. Medications

Unfortunately, there are many medications that have a side effect of hair loss. Due to some conditions, it is necessary to take medication that may cause hair loss, but it is important to understand what is causing your hair loss. Some of the medications known to cause hair loss are blood pressure medications, steroids, medication that lowers cholesterol, anticoagulants, and even some acne medications. If you are taking any of these kinds of medications, you may notice an increase in hair thinning, shedding, or worsened hair loss. Keep in mind that this hair loss caused by medications is often temporary, but if it becomes permanent, there is a solution. 

Man Hair has your solution

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what are the top causes of hair loss?

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