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Caring For Your MANHAIR Hair Replacement System in the Summer 

Everyone wants to protect their hair systems and maintain bonds in humidity, heat, and sun. So how do you care for your MANHAIR Hair Replacement System in the Summer?

Hot and sunny summer days can be challenging for maintaining your hair replacement unit, which means you may need to take some extra care; but don’t worry, we have you covered!

Hair systems in general can suffer from many issues during the warmer months, such as drying, sweating, breakage, and tangling. So in order for you to get the most out of your MANHAIR hair replacement system in the Summer, here’s some advice and tips from the professionals at MANHAIR.

Sun & Oxidation Protection-

UV rays from the sun can damage the colour of hair whether it’s naturally growing or a hair replacement system, turning it red or orange. This is known as oxidation. It is a natural process that can affect both natural as well as synthetic hair. One of the best ways to prevent hair system oxidation is by using UV protection hair products. 

 If the sun-kissed look doesn’t appeal to you, wear a hat before heading to the beach or getting any sun. There are also styling products (such as heat protectants) you can use that contain UV blocking agents. 

Itching and Odor-

Oils and sweat can accumulate under the hair system during summers which can cause itchy scalp and bad odor. It is advised to shampoo if you spend the days being active or after a swim at the beach or in chlorine so that you can remove any unwanted residues. 

Always opt for the sprays and cleansers that contain tea tree oil and use enzyme spray that kills all the bacteria.

Saltwater Damage-

Chlorine in the pool and salt in the ocean water can dry out the hair system. Hair has the capability to hold a lot of moisture, which means it can absorb much of the chemicals and salt from the water. So in order to avoid this, it’s advised to wet your MANHAIR Replacement Unit before getting in the water and apply some leave-in conditioner. Make sure to rinse your hair once you are done with the swimming.

Chlorine Damage-

Okay, here’s the thing: you can go swimming with a hair replacement system, no problem, but the chlorine in pool water can damage your hair (same as it does with naturally growing hair). 

If you really want to go for a dip and swimming caps aren’t your thing, just make sure you wash your hair as soon as possible after swimming.

We also advise that you avoid going swimming, to a sauna, or take a shower or shampoo for at least 12 hours after you get your new hair replacement system. This is to make sure the system is firmly attached. 

In case you do, don’t worry—this doesn’t mean your hair replacement is going to fall right off. It could, however, just mean that the attachment won’t last as long as it normally would. If you have any questions always refer to our website, the information packet we give you or feel free to call us with any questions.

Keeping Your ManHair Hair Replacement System Soft-

In order to keep your hair soft, it is advised to use leave-in conditioners more often. You can also opt to air dry your hair instead of blow-drying and we suggest that you always use hair products that contain sunscreen.

Earlier Lifting-

It is observed that the bond can break down faster when the temperature rises if not cared for properly. If there is a little bit of lifting along the hairline then you can touch-up yourself or just come into the MANHAIR salon. 

MANHAIR Salon Sessions-

Just as brushing your teeth every day doesn’t mean you never need to see a dentist, caring for your hair replacement doesn’t mean you never need to visit your hair replacement studio regularly. 

Our stylists at the ManHair salon are professionally trained and have the requisite experience for keeping your ManHair hair replacement system looking great- and best of all, completely natural.

Since hair replacements are customised, your stylist is in the best position to advise you on how to take care of your hair in between visits. As well as what products to use and other styling tips. 

Even if your hair replacement should seem A-OK as your regularly scheduled maintenance visit approaches, putting off or skipping out on your regular visit for care and cleaning isn’t advisable.

At MANHAIR, we schedule maintenance/touch ups every 3 to 4 weeks and the standard life of our MANHAIR Hair Replacement System is 6 to 8 months when taken care of properly.


All the problems listed above can be avoided by taking proper care and precautions. You can reach out to us any time on summer care and maintenance tips.

 Need more advice for keeping your ManHair Hair Replacement System in tip-top shape? Just get in touch with us and we’ll be ready and willing to help you out!! 

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