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How To Tell Your girlfriend that you wear a hair replacEment system

Let’s be honest, telling your girlfriend that you wear a hair replacement system takes not just courage, but correct timing in a relationship. 

While there’s no real correct answer as to when it’s the best time to tell your significant other, this blog will look at the topic in more detail and hopefully, provide you with some of the answers you’re looking for.

Why men shy away from revealing that thEy’re wearing a hair system

In general, men tend to prefer to keep the fact that they’re wearing a hair replacement system secret. 

The main reason is that a lot of men feel that wearing a hair replacement system isn’t as accepted and destigmatized in our society. That’s not to say there hasn’t been progress overall as there certainly has! 

More and more of the general public today continue to be amazed by how far hair systems have come, and just how natural looking and ideal a solution they are for men with hair loss. 

But overall, hair systems for men are still not widely accepted as a true solution compared to the less safe and less reliable hair transplant, for example. That’s despite the fact that hair systems can pretty much be considered the same way as makeup or eyelash extensions.

Because of this stigma towards hair systems, men are generally fearful of telling their partner or dates whether they are wearing a hair system. After all, what if everything is going well only for things to come crashing down when your partner realizes you’re bald, or that the hair you’re wearing is not actually your own hair from your scalp? We know that sounds ridiculous right? If a partner cannot accept you for who you are, or rather what you wear on your head, then they’re not worth it right? We wish every man out there thought like we do on this matter. 

When you should and should not disclose that you’re wearing a hair replacement system

There are scenarios where it’s advisable to reveal that you’re wearing a hair replacement system early on. For example, if you see a future with a potential partner, it’s probably best to disclose this as soon as possible. 

Of course, in most cases, you won’t know if there’s a future in the first one or two dates. But, once you’re sure, or at least have a good idea, it’s best to do it right away or risk carrying a lie which could later take your partner aback or make them bitter. 

If you tell them early on the other hand, they are more likely to accept you the way you are, especially if they are reciprocating the same level of interest in you.

However, if your relationship is something more casual, you can get away with not mentioning it. 

As we said before, this is not a topic that needs mentioning on the first date either. After all, how common is it for your date to tell you about any surgeries or procedures that they had on the first date with you? A hair replacement system is essentially the same as far as being a cosmetic accessory.

Discretion is advised

It should be noted that some discretion is advised whenever you decide on telling your new partner. 

While for some hair replacement wearers, they’ve had next to no problems telling their partners or dates that they’re wearing a hairpiece, others have not had the same success. If possible, bring up the topic in a subtle way and see how your partner feels about hairpieces in general. 

Use your gut instinct and try and determine how they would react to you revealing that you wear one.

If you feel they would be comfortable and accept you regardless, feel free to mention it!

If you truly feel this is something that can break up your relationship, you can either wait until your relationship has grown and developed further, or consider ending things. The latter is not ideal, of course, but in the long-run, it’s better to be with someone who accepts you for who you are than someone who is ready to end things just because of your lack of hair.

Advice from ManHair

MANHAIR is the leading Men’s hair loss solution in Jacksonville, Fl. We offer the highest quality human hair replacement systems you can buy! 

MANHAIR stylist Krizia, believes it all comes down to how confident the hair replacement wearer is. “For clients who wear our Manhair hair systems, it’s based on how comfortable and confident they are with having a hair system.” 

“Majority of the time (from what I hear), a lot of the clients actually don’t tell their partners until the relationship develops more later on. The first couple of dates is not anything serious, so most men don’t feel the need to let their date know. Even though they are wearing an undetectable hair replacement system, talking about hair loss is still an insecurity for most,” mentions Krizia.

“At the same time, if someone is super confident, they don’t care about what other people think- new girlfriend or otherwise. Some people are open to the fact of wanting to share that they’re wearing a hair replacement system, and they’re confident and proud to be wearing one.”

Are you considering a Hair Replacement System?

Perhaps you aren’t wearing a hair replacement system yet, but you’re considering it because of your ongoing hair loss. 

Perhaps dating while wearing a hair system is something that is on your mind, which is why you’ve stumbled onto this blog in the first place.

If you feel you’re ready to take the first steps into wearing a hair replacement system, consider booking a FREE in-home or in-salon consultation with MANHAIR. Click Here to fill out our online contact form or feel free to contact us directly by calling us at 1-904-526-8500. 

We take pride in making sure you have a comfortable, customized 5 star experience every step of the way!

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