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Men’s Hair Loss And The Depression It Causes

Losing your hair can be scary and upsetting! And there’s no right or wrong way to feel about losing your hair — but for some, it can be traumatic and lead to depression.

For those Men experiencing it, hair loss can be every bit as painful as any other type of grief because the sense of loss is emotional as well as physical.

Some men even stop socializing, exercising or doing other things that they enjoy because they’re so self-conscious about it- having a devastating impact on their life.

Spiraling into depression.

Your self-esteem is often the first thing to go, pretty much at the same rate as your hair fall. You start hiding your hair under hats and caps, you avoid socializing, and your relationships become fractured. 

Once isolated from your social circles, you begin to feel like an outcast, even though it’s of your own volition. Some people even report feelings of paranoia, that ‘everyone is looking at me and judging me’.

Losing your hair can also trigger a range of emotions, from grief, to shame, to anger, fear, and even depression!

In fact, the five stages of grief apply to hair loss too: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. 

But with the right support and treatment, You Can move forward with a sense of control and confidence. 

Here are a few ways to ease the stress as you navigate this new condition. And what you can do as a solution. 

Cut yourself a break.

Hair is closely associated with sexuality, and it often helps us express our personality. Even mild thinning can affect your confidence, body image and sense of self.

It’s also very stressful because it’s a big part of our identity. It’s normal to be upset if you see signs of change, especially because hair loss might also cause other worries about your health.

So if you’re taking it really hard, realize that it’s okay to feel that way — and that you’re not alone! 

It can really help to talk to someone if you’re struggling to come to terms with it. 

Consult a doctor right away for information and support.

Worrying about what might be causing your hair loss can add to your stress. The runaway train of negative thoughts like: “I’ll be bald in a month!”, “No one will love me.”, or “It’s irreversible!” can take on a life of its own, often unnecessarily. 

There are several effective treatments and solutions for Jacksonville Men dealing with hair loss, like a Men’s Hair Replacement from MANHAIR

Even just having an appointment on the books can help you feel more hopeful and in control.

You can also set up a visit — virtual or in person — with a general practitioner to rule out any other medical concerns that could be causing your hair loss.

Primary care doctors see patients with hair loss issues all the time and can help make a quick diagnosis so you know where to go from there. 

In addition, dermatologists are specially trained to diagnose hair loss. Because they see so many patients with the condition, they understand the emotional challenges involved.

Understand the role of stress and the importance of easing it.

It seems like a cruel joke: Hair loss stresses you out — and stress can make your hair loss even worse!

In fact, some types of hair loss are specifically associated with stress:

  • Telogen effluvium occurs when many hair follicles are sent into the resting (telogen) phase and fall out at the same time.
  • Alopecia areata occurs when the body’s immune system attacks hair follicles.

So it’s important to actively combat stress. You can try things such as yoga and acupuncture to reduce stress and boost well-being; and  you can amp up your basic self-care. This includes:

  • eating right
  • exercising
  •  getting enough sleep
  • reaching out to your support system.

All these approaches can better equip you to cope with not only the stress that hair loss brings, but also life’s normal roller coaster of ups and downs.

See a therapist and treat hair loss depression

Because hair loss may trigger sadness, anger and depression, your doctor or dermatologist may refer you to another expert- a counselor or mental health professional if you’re suffering from extreme stress. 

The first thing you need to do is get the thought out of your head that seeing a therapist “means that you’re crazy” because that’s not true in the slightest! 

Talking to a mental health expert can help you cope with the instinct to isolate, which can worsen stress.

Antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications can also be an option for treating any depression or anxiety associated with your hair loss. But be aware that some antidepressants also come with a slight risk of hair loss as well. Be sure to provide a full medical history to the prescribing doctor before starting any medication. 

Find a support group and online resources

Remember, you’re not in this alone: About 70% of men lose hair as they age, with 25% of bald men experiencing hair loss before the age of 21.

That means there are lots of men who have gone through this situation and want to connect and share their experiences and advice. The National Alopecia Areata Foundation has support groups all around the country.

There’s also blogs, podcasts, FB groups and youtube channels all devoted to hair loss! These resources are great ways to get guidance and hear from other people coping with hair loss. 

Switch up your hairstyle

Certain hairstyles can help camouflage hair loss and make you feel more confident with the hair you have. A short cut for example, can be a good option since it can make the hair look fuller.

If your hair loss is caused by traction (continually pulling on the hair at the roots) changing your hairstyle can give the area time to recover.

A professional stylist can give you hairstyle options, and also recommend volumizers that make hair appear thicker. 

Consider a Hair Replacement System

Sadly depression and anxiety are very real side effects of hair loss. It’s made worse by the fact that the hair loss industry is rife with charlatans looking to part you from your money without any guarantee of a satisfactory result. 

See if this sounds about right! 

You first go through mild to intolerable anguish at your hair loss appearance. 

Then, you begin experiencing mental health impacts due to your hair loss. 

You then look for a solution and suffer the indignity of being ripped off by some hair loss business giving empty promises about some magic shampoo or pill that just leaves you with less money in your pocket and no more hair than you started with. 

Frustrating, we know!

It also doesn’t help that you can get an instant fix for grey hair with a box of hair dye, and even a quick fix for wrinkles (Botox, fillers and so on). But hair loss treatments tend to be less ‘quick fix’ and more ‘long term commitment’. That was at least until MANHAIR came around!

Manhair is Jacksonville, Florida’s #1 instant hair loss solution for Men! 

Our focus is giving you the perfect hair replacement system so that you can regain your confidence, and look your absolute best.

Our hair replacement systems are an instant solution and are designed specifically for your head and the look you want- an undetectable hair line with an ultra-realistic look! No one will ever know! 

You’ll walk into ManHair unhappy with your current look, but leave with a lush full head of 100% real human hair! 

It all starts with a free consultation with one of our hair replacement specialists. CLICK HERE to schedule yours today or call us directly at 1-904-526-8500 with any questions. 

We’re here to help and we’re there for you every step of the way! 

So say goodbye to depression and hello to Manhair!!! It’s time to get your confidence back!

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