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Non-surgical Hair Replacement Systems are considered the most effective solution to balding or thinning hair that does not require you to go under the knife, take pills or juggle different hair loss shampoos. 

Indeed, when it comes to a visible scalp patch or a receding hairline, using a natural and healthy-looking hair replacement system can be your best option in concealing your hair problems, and gaining your confidence back!

However, despite the proven benefits of hair replacement systems, many people still worry about wearing them primarily due to the misconceptions surrounding hair units.

One of these misconceptions is that a hair replacement system can allegedly damage one’s existing hair or scalp. This is definitely not the case!

Read on to find out the reasons why.

Are hair replacement systems safe?

Many people believe that hair replacement systems are unsafe for the scalp and its hair. Some even claim that hair systems can cause further hair loss. Again, Not True!

The truth is, hair replacement systems are very safe to use, provided that you handle and maintain your unit properly.

Damage only occurs if you do not take into consideration certain important factors while wearing a hair system. 

Factors to consider when wearing a hair system

Hair systems require proper care and maintenance. Being careless and not exercising enough caution when wearing a hair system can likely cause damage to your hair piece, but not your hair and scalp!

To ensure longevity, all you have to do is to be careful when wearing one, consider key factors and follow your aftercare instructions.

Here are some of the key factors you must consider when using a hair replacement system:

1. Don’t over-shampoo

If you completely remove all oils on your hair system, it won’t be able to protect itself from damage caused by the weather and pollution. It is important to keep in mind that many shampoos are made with harsh chemicals that are not suitable for use on a hair replacement systems. Using only a non-sulfate, paraben free shampoo is highly suggested.

2) Go for a swim, but keep your hair safe

The chlorine in pools is sure to dry out your hair system if you swim a lot, and it can even cause permanent damage to your hair system if you spend the whole afternoon underwater. If you can, try to wear a hair cap. You can also put a leave-in conditioner on your hair system before taking a dip to reduce the amount of chlorinated water absorbed into the hair strands.

3) Don’t overuse your hairdryer

As fun as it is to be using a hair dryer again…it’s not a good idea to bust it out every time your hair system gets wet. 

When a hair dryer is used frequently, or on high-heat settings, it will dry out the human hair on your unit and damage your hair system. 

If you need to use a hair dryer, make sure that it is on the cool setting or the low heat setting. Better yet, leave yourself enough time in the morning for your hair to dry naturally, or wash your hair unit before bed, and let it dry overnight.

4) Use conditioner regularly

Since your Hair System cannot produce sebum on its own, a regular conditioning routine is essential. 

After each time that you wash your hair system you should apply, then thoroughly rinse out a conditioner. Our stylists at Manhair can suggest the best products to use. That said, not all are made equally, similarly to shampoos, there are specially formulated conditioners designed to be used with hair systems. For more on shampooing and conditioning your hair system check out our detailed guide on the subject.

5) Stay away from the rays

Taking proper care of your hair system should be a key part of your hairpiece care routine. 

Just like you would protect your skin from too much harmful sun, you need to do the same when taking care of your hair replacement system. Like your skin your unit can seriously be damaged by too much UV rays. 

To avoid this, try to reduce sun exposure to your hair system, or better yet, use a protective sealer so you can better enjoy your time in the sun while protecting your hair system. You can also wear a hat if you know you’ll be spending a good portion of the day in direct sunlight.

*Our stylists at Manhair are always more than happy to go over the best styling product options with you to help increase the life of your unit.

Is the hair system attached to your hair or skin?

Hair damage usually occurs when you use accessories that pull on your hair. Therefore, using hair systems attached directly to your skin instead of your hair is highly advised if you want to avoid experiencing hair damage or loss.

These hair systems would usually require you to shave a portion of your head in order to leave no hair for the hairpiece to cling to. 

Because there is no more hair to pull on, you no longer have to worry about the adverse effects of attaching a hair system to your head.

What type of adhesive do you use?

Hair systems themselves cannot damage the scalp. However, the improper use of adhesives can result in scalp irritations. Different adhesives react differently to your body chemistry. Therefore, our professional Manhair stylists will go over with you the best option that works with your lifestyle and skin sensitivities. 

All of our Manhair adhesives are medically treated and skin safe and produced from the highest quality certified hair labs, allowing your scalp to breath, and not affect natural hair growth or increase the rate of hair loss for the hair you do have.

Do you invest in a scalp protector?

Whether or not you have sensitive skin, investing in a scalp protector is an option that can help maintain the quality of your hair and scalp while wearing a hair system.

A scalp protector is usually rolled onto the skin before one begins their adhesive application. By using this accessory, you can create an invisible barrier between your skin and the adhesive and avoid the possibility of unpleasant irritations on your scalp. 

This is an option you can discuss with your Manhair stylist.

Manhair Hair Replacement Systems in Jacksonville, Fl.

Contrary to what many people believe, hair replacement systems are absolutely safe for your hair and scalp. So long as you ensure proper care and maintenance. 

Just as brushing your teeth every day doesn’t mean you never need to see a dentist. Caring for your hair replacement system doesn’t mean you never need to visit your hair replacement salon regularly. 

Our stylists at the ManHair salon are professionally trained and have the requisite experience for keeping your ManHair hair replacement system looking great- and best of all, completely natural.

Since our hair replacements are customised, your stylist is in the best position to advise you on how to take care of your hair in between visits. As well as what products to use and other styling tips. 

Even if your hair replacement should seem A-OK as your regularly scheduled maintenance visit approaches, putting off or skipping out on your regular visit for care and cleaning isn’t advisable.

At MANHAIR, we schedule maintenance/touch ups every 3 to 4 weeks and the standard life of our MANHAIR Hair Replacement System is 6 to 8 months when taken care of properly

If you’re ready to look younger, feel more confident, and have a full head of hair again, schedule your FREE in-home or in-salon consultation at Manhair, by clicking here. Located in Jacksonville, Fl.

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