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Why Men Lose Their Hair Young

Why Men Lose Their Hair Young

Why men in their 20’s & 30’s are losing their hair

Why is this happening? That’s probably what you’re thinking as you read this because you feel like you’re still too young to have thinning or balding hair while only in your 20’s or early 30’s. Well actually, you’re not alone. Thinning and balding of the hair can begin as early as 15 or 16 years old. One-fifth of men will experience significant hair loss by the age of 20 and that percentage only continues to grow proportional with age: meaning 30% will experience it in their 30s, 40% in their 40s, and so on. So why does this happen so young? At this moment you’re probably thinking to yourself that your dad had a full head of hair at your age, so why are you going through this? Well, there’s a bunch of reasons that this is happening. Let’s comb through those reasons shall we?

Changes In Your Life. 

Changes in your life can make significant changes in your hair growth and loss, such as:

  • Your Hormones
  • Having an Improper Diet
  • Increase in your stress levels
  • Developed unhealthy hair habits
  • Family genetics
  • Medical conditions
  • Illness

      and even

  • Hair procedures such as constant bleaching or dying can contribute to noticeably thinning hair loss.


The hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is produced as a byproduct of testosterone, is infamous for the weakening effect of hair follicles in men in their 20’s & 30’s. So, what causes DHT levels to increase? Well, since DHT is a byproduct of testosterone production — it stands to reason that anything that increases your testosterone levels will also increase your DHT levels.

Increase in your stress levels

When we say an increase in stress levels we mean a rise in significant emotional stress. So what qualifies as significant emotional stress? A bad day at work shouldn’t meet this threshold but something that’s more severe that causes prolonged stress. A major negative life event like the loss of a pet, a loved one or a breakup can be the reason you’re losing your hair; even the stress that Covid 19 has caused emotionally is something that’s been hanging over everyone’s head. 

Unhealthy diet 

The best diet for your hair is the same one that’s best for your body and mind. Lack of proper nutrients can accelerate hair loss. Diets that lack essential nutrients, such as keratin and protein, increase your chances of premature balding. Your hair loss could also be contributed to your body being low in iron, vitamin D, zinc or any of the vitamins that can lead to thinning hair. Also, if you aren’t eating correctly, no matter what products or prevention you do for your hair, it simply won’t grow to its best ability and you’ll lose hair more frequently. 

Unhealthy hair habits

Things like shampooing too frequently, excessive reoccurring heat and bleaching of the hair can lead to breakage and hair loss. Bleaching color from hair damages the cuticle and that causes the hair fiber to become thinner and more prone to breakage. Doing this over time can cause permanent damage to the hair and scalp causing you to develop balding at an earlier age. 

Medical Conditions and illness

Bald spots, thinning, and breakage can be symptoms of a serious underlying health condition. The most common reason for early hair loss is hyperthyroidism which is a major contributor of metabolic functions in your body. If you are undergoing treatment for a medical condition and the treatment is resulting in hair loss there are lots of treatments and services out there that can help. Learn more at

Family Genetics

We saved the most common culprit for last which is male pattern baldness. It’s common to notice the first signs of male pattern baldness as you enter your 20s, and from there significant hair loss that worsens over the course of several years. The genetic component of balding still isn’t well understood, but it’s thought that it involves many different genes. Even though genetic hair loss is permanent there are solutions out there that will help you keep your confidence and the exact duplicate look of your hair. 

What can you do?Going bald isn’t a choice but staying bald is when we are here for you. Our salon, Man Hair, is located in Jacksonville, Fl., and we offer hair replacement systems of the absolute highest quality that are made of real human hair that give you an undetectable hairline and realistic look. Our system is customized specifically for your head and the look that you want. Learn more about our hair replacement systems at

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