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Why Your Hair Can Have Such A Dramatic Effect On Your Confidence 

When it comes to our hair, we can find ourselves wanting to change up it on a fairly regular basis. Whether you’re experiencing hair loss due to excessive styling or you are genetics- a brand-new look can have a dramatic effect on your confidence.

Here, we’re going to explore this a little deeper.

Dealing With Insecurities 

For many, the state of our hair, particularly when we don’t have much, can completely knock our self-confidence. Meaning, the effects of hair loss or a receding hairline can have a dramatic effect on the way you feel about yourself. 

Although this can sometimes be prevented through the use of natural remedies, this is also something that can be hereditary. In this event, you may want to begin looking into options such as hair replacement system to help combat the problem. 

A Confidence Boost

We have all seen those scenes in films where the lead decides to drastically change up their hair and gain new-found confidence. But, just how true is this? For many, the idea of a brand-new hairstyle or even new hair color helps them to feel confident almost as if to start a new chapter in life. But, there is a lot more to this than originally thought.

Not only does this help you to feel better about yourself, but the confidence is also boosted through the impression that you give to those around you. When we receive compliments, this can help us gain more confidence in our appearance, allowing us to feel better about ourselves in every aspect of life. 

The Effect On Our Self-Esteem

In addition to the boost in confidence, there is also a significant boost in your self-esteem. 

While these are certainly similar and often go hand-in-hand, our self-esteem is an important part of day to day life that we can’t ignore. 

A new hairstyle or a hair loss solution could help us to gain a better image of ourselves and you may even hold yourself in higher regard as a result.

Although this can seem a strange side-effect of just changing up your hairstyle, for many, this is a way of starting again and finding a new-found respect and comfort with your own appearance. 

A common example of this is the need for men to change up their look, body or hair after a relationship has ended. Although there is no definitive evidence to suggest that this has a long-lasting effect, it definitely helps them to feel more confident at the time.


As a result of improved confidence and self-esteem, many of us will feel empowered. By matching the style of your hair to suit your face shape and style, or by simply creating a look you’re happy with, you’ll be more likely to ‘compliment’ your own appearance.

This new-found confidence can be very empowering for men as they begin to take on new opportunities- like that new dream job! 

In every aspect of life, there are many elements that cannot be controlled, therefore the idea of having complete control over your hair can be very empowering. 

Regardless of whether you opt for long or short hair, a brand-new color or you finally treat yourself to a hair replacement system, there are a number of psychological benefits to getting the hair look you want. Why not give it a shot?

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It’s time for a change! Take charge of your potential and get the look you once had, or have always wanted!

Let’s be real here – looks do matter for personal reasons, such as finding a significant other, getting promoted at work, and finding the motivation to be a better you.

At Manhair, we believe that every man has the right to have the full head of hair he deserves! And we know that having a full head of hair will bring back your confidence, self-esteem and help you regain control of your life!

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